Wednesday, August 6, 2014

One For The Ditch




Opening reception Aug 23rd 6-9 pm
Show runs Aug 23rd – Sept 20th

After Party at Shanghai Social Club, VIP Specials for Reception Guests

ARCH Gallery
52 Everett Street,
Allston, MA, inside Studio 52 Building

“My journey has been haggard and painful. I get rejected in the art world more than anything else. Up until 2013, I didn’t believe in myself as much as my wife does. She said, “Quit your job and stop complaining so much” about one hundred times before I finally did. My last job before I became a full time artist in January 2013 was an engineer and designer for the Navy. The themes and structural schematics from those days carried over into the art and made it what it is today.”

“The works I’m featuring in One For The Ditch will tell my story as a developing artist from 2002-2014. I’ll show my first two oil paintings and my most recent two. The viewer will see how my struggle unfolded throughout the years. Painting only what I knew and what I experienced, I battled with women, jobs, self esteem, anxiety and the same general hurdles most people deal with. It’s a fully illustrated diary of the past 12 years. One For The Ditch is an old saying that means let’s have one last beer before the night is over.“