Thursday, August 19, 2010

Big Uns

I Wanna Be In A Colorful Place, Mixed Media on Canvas, 42x46", 2010

You'll Never Get Out Alive, Mixed Media on Canvas, 54x47", 2010

A Warm Day In Kenmore, Mixed Media on Canvas, 30x40", 2010


  1. I really like it,Great use of paints colors and textures, your work is oustanding!!! What a unique style you have.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog,Keep it up...!!
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  2. I love these, I might show one as an example of using colors to create tone/emotion in a painting for my 8th graders!

  3. Excellent stuff. Just love the colours, and how you use them.

  4. Really this is very nice pics..i like this..this is amazing collection..thanks for sharing such a wonderful blog..