Friday, June 24, 2011

Rise On Up and Melt

I'm proud to announce my big brother Scott is putting out a beautiful new full length album today called Efren - Rise On Up and Melt. It was an honor to design the album art. I was gonna post a review written by someone else, but I think I changed my mind just now, because I know what the album is about ... and it's very sad indeed. I won't give away all the insider gossip, just to save everyone the pain of reliving it on my art blog. I also won't do track by track other-band-comparisons, because I don't wanna plant those ideas in your cranium. What I heard when I first listened was an amazing sense of "the song". The album is a song writer's album, not an indie-psych mind screw like some of Scott's previous releases. Melancholy, misery and whiskey are definitely the main ingredients in this dish. There are a few country shuffles and rockabilly movements, but by the conclusion of the record, you not only feel like it's gonna work out in the end, but you also kinda feel like you know what it's like to live on a dirt road in Crawford, GA.